my alpaca

my alpaca Copenhagen is a small Danish company founded in 2010.
Our vision is to design and manufacture high quality knitwear with a clean, simple and Nordic design in exclusive Peruvian fibres.


We specialise in producing baby and children’s knitwear (up to 6 years), as well as adult accessories made in baby alpaca fibres. Most of our products are handmade and we take special care in promoting the use of alpaca fibres in their natural shades of whites, browns and greys, which means no use of dyes. We also work with dyed fibres but only under low impact processes, perfect for those concerned about toxins and for those with sensitive skin.

All garments are handmade by skilled and organised groups of Peruvian women, following strict quality standards. We are happy to train and work with groups of women, promoting better livelihoods for them and their families. We use only fair-trade practices.

Our knitters are proud of their long Peruvian knitting and handcraft tradition and they appreciate our strong social focus and the fact that my alpaca Copenhagen gives them the opportunity to have an income, learn more, and still be able to take care of their home and family. When you, as a consumer, buy a hand-knitted cloth from us, the hang-tag will include a little note with the name of the lady and the cooperative that knitted the item.

The combination of the good materials, the design and our knitting ladies gives you a completely unique product.

about us

my alpaca Copenhagen started as My World Kids. The company was founded by Olga (Peruvian) and Anne-Mette (Danish) who became best friends when Anne-Mette worked for 4 years in Lima, Peru. After having travelled extensively around the world Anne-Mette returned to Denmark to settle and Olga moved to Brazil to settle. When Anne-Mette gave birth to her daughter in 2006, Olga sent a box of clothing for the baby and that is how it all started.

Together, Anne-Mette and Olga have now created a company that sets high environmental standards, whilst maintaining a strong corporate social responsibility for their work with modern day design. But we are not alone:

  • Anne-Mette has a big passion for anything Peruvian and needed an excuse for continuing to visit Peru and other parts of the world. She is a self-starter, loves developing ideas and drawing – she can’t knit – but she can design simple and functional knitwear. Then she loves talking to and to spend time with the knitters, the retailers or the buyers. Anne-Mette is in charge of sales in Denmark.

  • Olga has many years of experience of working in the Peruvian textile industry, a MBA from London and a passion for Scandinavian design and its simplicity. Olga is in charge of operations and production in Peru.

  • Yolanda is our treasure and knitting expert. She is a petite (half the size of Anne-Mette), but very energetic and active lady. She more or less knows everybody in the yarn and textile industry in Peru and she trains all of our knitters.

  • Marisol is responsible for quality control and knitting. She worked for 10 years in Japan with quality control of knitwear. She transforms our ideas into knitting patterns. When in our production period she travels to groups of knitters to ensure that the knitting instructions are followed. She is due to become a mother for the first time.


the knitters

Fibers – baby alpaca 

The alpaca is part of the same family of animals as the lama, both originate from the highlands of Peru. The ‘baby alpaca yarn’ is not from young animals, the name relates to the first cut, when the fibres are longer and finer hence a softer and stronger quality of yarn is achieved.

We are often asked how we can guarantee that children aren’t knitting for us. In the cooperatives, our ladies are not allowed to bring their children, however, there is no guarantee that their children aren’t playing with the yarn when our ladies are knitting at home.